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6 Inch Taper Candle
6 Inch Taper Candle - WiccanWay.com Witchcraft Supplies
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6 Inch Taper Candle
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Versatility is the word for these functional yet fashionable taper candles. Whether you choose your color based on meaning (green for prosperity, red for energy, white for protection, etc.) for use in rituals, or you choose colors based on personal home decor, you are sure to be delighted with these tapers. These candles measure 6" in length and can be used for many things. At less than a dollar a piece, these brightly colored tapers can be purchased in large groups in a variety of colors to have at hand when needed.

This wide array of unscented colored candles also makes these the perfect elegant accessory for holiday tables and candlelight meals. Because of their many benefits and wide range of uses these colorful tapers also make the perfect gift. Whether purchased in lots of one color or mixed colors for variety, they are sure to please. Combine with WiccanWay.com candle holders for complete practicality and fun.
  • Approximate Size: 6" tall, 3/4" diameter

As our temps warm up, keep in mind that summer heat can affect candle wax. The inside of UPS and USPS trucks can become extremely hot! Although we do attempt to package our candles well and insulate them from the heat during the US summer season, they may still arrive warped or misshapen due to the intense summertime shipping temperatures. Please keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase candles during the summer months of May through October.

If your candle does arrive warped or mis-shaped, try submerging it in hot water in the kitchen sink just long enough to soften up the wax so you can straighten out the candle. Candles (and products containing candles) purchased from May to October are done so at your own risk and will not be eligible for returns or refunds if they arrive to you warped, mis-shaped or if the candle melts on the product due to exposure to extreme heat.
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served my purposes
It worked very well.
Reviewed by: sonja from ny, ny. on 5/23/2015
good quality.
They last 2 hrs but the do tend to drip so they need to sit on a saucer. The colors are true.
Reviewed by: Lori from Spokane WA. on 12/21/2014
Good value
Great candles! They were packaged perfectly and arrived on time!
Reviewed by: Aimee from Springfield, Mo. on 12/1/2014
It was great :)
Shipping was fast and the candle was in pristine condition. I absolutely love how they wrote 'Thank you :)' on the paper that said what I ordered. It's nice to know that they do care about the people that buy their things and also care about the items they send. I will definitely order all my stuff from here.
Reviewed by: Sami from Antlers Oklahoma. on 10/7/2014
Everything was PERFECT! #nocomplaints
Reviewed by: cassandra from columbia, sc. on 7/28/2014
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