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Awen Window Sticker

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Awen is Welsh for "poetic inspiration". Awen is the flowing spirit, spark of life, the creative force of the Universe. A source of spiritual strength, prophetic insight and inspiration associated with Cerridwen and Taliesin in Wales, Brighid and the Dagda in Ireland. Recognized amongst many cultures, this elemental force is known to the Sioux as Wakan, Mana amongst the Pacific Islanders. The Hindu Goddess Shakti and the Christian Holy Spirit embody this flowing essence of life.

In the Welsh myth, Taliesin, "Radiant Brow" receives Awen from tasting three drops of mystical potion from Cerridwen's cauldron, instantly gaining the three gifts of poetic inspiration, prophecy and shape-shifting.

Awen is most sacred to the Bards, who channel the mystical river of vision and truth through their Poetry and Song. The Seers, Awenyddion "the Inspired Ones", seek the gifts of prophecy and healing, as the Druids honor the rays of Awen as their most important symbol, depicted as three bars of light, representing the primal sound and light of Creation.

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