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Black Concaved Scrying Mirror
Black Concaved Scrying Mirror - WiccanWay.com Witchcraft Supplies
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Black Concaved Scrying Mirror
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Bring your scrying practice into a new dimension with this elegant, concave, black scrying mirror. Measuring 8" in diameter, this scrying mirror is impressive in size. It's reflective surface concaves slightly to add a new level to your scrying practice. This mirror is best used in a lowly lit room, preferably with the flickering light of candles. Simply clear your mind as you gaze into the reflective surface of this scrying mirror. Once your mind is cleared and open, images will begin to show themselves, allowing the seer to observe and interpret their meaning. The art of scrying has been practiced for thousands of years by hundreds of cultures. Considered one of the oldest forms of divination scrying is timeless and powerful.

Celebrated since antiquity, the art of scrying allows one to see into the past, answer questions in the present and experience glimpses into the future. This beautifully made scrying mirror is the perfect instrument for those just beginning to learn the art to those who have been practicing scrying for years.
  • Approximate Size 8" in diameter
  • Does not include display stand.
  • Remove fingerprints with soft cotton cloth and alcohol or Windex. Do not use an abrasive cleaner.
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Just what I was looking for
It's a sweet little mirror, not too small to get a good view. We used it for a Samhain ritual of going behind the veil, and it was effective. Good product for the price.
Reviewed by: Tara from Durango, CO. on 11/5/2012
Scrying Mirror and Tile Stand
Scrying Mirror and Tile Stand
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