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Black Onyx Pendulum
Black Onyx Pendulum - WiccanWay.com Witchcraft Supplies
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Black Onyx Pendulum
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Unique and full of protective magical properties, these black onyx pendulums can help give even the most novice user a big boost to their readings. Chosen specifically for you, you are certain to cherish this pendulum as you work with it and learn to use the energies within the stone.

Displaying the distinguishing veining characteristics commonly found in black onyx, each pendulum may have striations or large patches of stone ranging from brown to gray to the palest white. Occasionally, a rare one will be found which will be solid black in color with no variations whatsoever, however the majority of these pendulums will have some banding or color variation throughout the stone. Each pendulum measures from 1" - 2" in length, varying in size. This pendulum comes with a chain, measuring approximately 6" in length. Your black onyx pendulum will include a gemstone bead accent at the other end of the chain.

Pendulums are used as tools in psychic readings. They help the reader by answering questions asked during a reading. Work often with your pendulum for the most effective results. Begin your adventure today by ordering this handsome black onyx pendulum.

Quantity: 1 pendulum

Approximate Size: 1" to 2" long with an approximately 6" long chain. These pendulums are natural stones and their sizes and color intensities will vary. The pendulum you receive may not look like the one in this picture.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Loved it!!!!
I absolutely loved it!!!! I was fortunate to get a mostly black one with just a small grey mark on it. After I cleansed and charged my pendulum it has worked great and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Very beautiful piece
Reviewed by: tiffany from Vian, Oklahoma. on 2/10/2014
Not bad. There was a crack in the stone though, more of a scratch really along the side. I am pretty happy with it though
Reviewed by: Emily from Arkansas. on 12/19/2013
nice clean look
all nice a packaged up. good quality and no issues
Reviewed by: Adam Belila from El paso TX. on 6/18/2013
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