Buyer's Guide - How do I apply a Gift Certificate to my account?

10/8/2003 by Wiccan Way

After you've added your products to your shopping cart and you are ready to check out, enter your gift certificate code in the "Apply Discount" field (where we are displaying a red arrow in the following screenshot) and then click the APPLY button.

After you have applied the Gift Certificate to your order, your order total (shown in the yellow circular area on the screenshot) will not change on the View Cart screen. The dollar value will change on the checkout screens once you start the actual checkout process.

The application of your Gift Certificate will be shown further down on the View Cart screen, where we have the green arrow pointing on our screenshot. Once you proceed into the checkout process, you'll see the gift certificate balance being applied to your total, but on the View Cart page, it is not reflected in the Order Total amount.

Continue the checkout of your order to see the Gift Certificate total being applied to your order.