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Chamomile - A Wonder of Nature

Posted by Administrator on 8/16/2013 to Herbs
Chamomile - A Wonder of Nature
Chamomile is a wonderful flowering herb with many healing uses. Known since ancient times, wise women and shamans have used chamomile in their medicine bags to treat everything from diarrhea to depression.

Chamomile is most often used by simmering the flower heads into a tea. A cup of chamomile tea after a stressful day can do wonders to help the body relax. For centuries, a weak mixture of chamomile tea has been used by mothers to relieve colic symptoms in infants and toddlers. It is also used to settle an upset stomach and many women drink the tea to help cope with morning sickness caused by pregnancy.

Other uses for chamomile can include sipping the tea and eating the peel of an apple to naturally slow down or alleviate diarrhea. Aromatherapy uses the essential oil of chamomile to create a relaxing atmosphere and to calm the nerves.

Chamomile is an excellent hair and scalp conditioner. Made into a strong infusion, the mixture can help strengthen hair follicles, add brightness to hair color and deter dry scalp dandruff. As a skin tonic, chamomile can help even skin tones and relieve minor dryness.

Chamomile is an all round wonder herb and is easily grown either in flower gardens or in containers on a patio or sunny window. Once established, chamomile will continue to reseed itself offering virtually a life long supply of the flowering heads. Drying chamomile flowers is done by cutting the flowers and either using a dehydrator or tying by the stems and hanging in a dry, breezy place.

If growing chamomile is not an option, teas can be purchased at most supermarkets while the dried herb can be purchased online or at any full service health food store.

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