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Clear Quartz Rune Stones Set
Clear Quartz Rune Stones Set - WiccanWay.com Witchcraft Supplies
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Clear Quartz Rune Stones Set
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Made of quartz, this amazing Elder Futhark rune stone set is powerful and beautiful. Quartz brings energy to balance and bring harmony to the psyche. It purifies and clarifies mental and spiritual energy. Quartz is also credited for offering protection against black magic. Quartz crystal is associated with all chakras, but clear quartz is most often associated with the crown chakra. This is where it aids in mental clarity and helps create powerful divinations.

This amazing set of Elder Futhark rune stones includes 25 individual pieces. Twenty four of these pieces are engraved with one of the 24 symbols of the Elder Futhark alphabet, the 25th stone is left blank for completion of the set. Each stone is natural and has been tumbled and polished. Because each set is made of natural clear quartz, it will vary some in appearance. Each set includes a simple set of instructions which teach you to read and layout the stones for the most effective use.
  • Quantity Per Package: 25 runes, each set comes with a basic instruction sheet and a storage bag
  • Size: Approximately 1/2'' in diameter
  • Please Note: Because these are natural stones, the stones in each set may vary in color, shape and size and may not look exactly as pictured above.
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A few short days after placing my order, these rune stones arrived. Very fast shipping! And I love the stones. They are a little bigger than I had first thought, but the engraving is beautiful and the energy is good. I highly recommend them!
Reviewed by: Adam from Norfolk, VA. on 9/17/2011
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