Customer Comments

We've been fortunate to have received some great feedback from our customers. We always welcome critiques of our store, our products and our service. Here are some comments we have received from our store customers:

I appreciate deeply that you called me to let me know that an item that I was interested in was back in stock when you could not reach me at my e-mail address. That proves to me once again why I am a HUGE fan of your site! It is not only that you took time out of your day to let me know about a product of interest, but that you have a deep caring and thoughfulness for your customers. That is why I will continue to shop with you for all of my Wiccan needs. May the Goddess and God bless you in ways you have not even imagined yet!!! A.S. - Washington

Thank you, I did receive the things I ordered and as always am satisfied. Blessed be.. C.C. - Ohio

My Dear Friends, of Wiccanway. I have received my Bone Handeled Blade and am very pleased with the item. It was just what I've been looking for but could not find in antique shops or stores in my area. The price was affordable for my little budget of spending in this area so you also fit that moment with a smile. You have many items that are affordable and accessable to achive so you have become my first choice of reference for perchise when the time comes to buy. Your prompt delivery created a smile of satisfaction upon my face and I've already begun to pass along your name to others that desire to get items of this nature. Thank you so much for your concern on my satisfaction and if I can help further, just drop me a line and you'll have my focus at your service. S.F. - Tennessee

I am so pleased with my previous order. My daughter saw the Goddess & just HAD to have one also. Shipping was so fast!! S.W. - Connecticut

I received it sooner than I expected and was very pleased with it. Great price! Great purchase experience. N.A. - Colorado

I was very impressed with the timely manner in which my purchase arrived. It was sealed well and discreet. N.A. - Colorado

I was very pleased with this item and I used it the first day I received it in the mail! Well worth the money! N.A. - Colorado

Fast delivery, great prices, could not be happier! L.F. - Oregon

Thanks everyone for such great service. I appreciate it. S.G. - Ohio

I am pleased with the fast shipping you provide S.P. - Florida

Great service and shipping. Thanks! A.P. - Michigan

This is a great find! An online shop with all of the items I need, shipped in a discreet package, so my nosey neighbors don't know what I ordered. I am very happy to have found this site. Thank you, and Blessed Be! M.W. - North Carolina

Not only can I get the tools I need, but they come so well packaged that I can use them right away. WiccanWay is just wonderful...Blessed Be! & Thank you!! C.G. - California

I would like to say I am very happy with the service on the delievery my package. L.C.

The service that Wiccanway provides is exemplary and their products are excellent. I have called numerous times for specific information and I always get a timely call-back from a friendly and professional person. Wiccanway truly cares about their business and customer relationships. This type of service is quite rare nowadays. D.S.

I wanted to comment on my recent order with your company. This is the first time that I shopped with you guys and I have to compliment the service. Firstly, I love the Moon Phase and Next Sabbat notifications on the Home Page. Secondly, the shippment arrived on time and everything came neatly wrapped. I also loved how the Packing Slip and Instructions were neatly placed in one of the baggies. Thanks for everything! H.L.

Thank you for the excellent experience I have had with your site. J.D.

I'm new to Wicca, and a solitary to boot, but your site has made my life so much easier. I'm deployed in Iraq right now, and I can still get what I need, with free shipping included. Thank you so much. J.D.D.

Thank you for the prompt and curteous service. Being a native New Orleanian now living in Houston, it is refreshing to find a site which has products that are reputable and work. I give you 5 Stars for your products. You are G-R-E-A-T! I love you and recommend your site HIGHLY! L.B.

I live in xxxxxxxxx so Wiccan supplies are hard to come by. I found your website several years ago and ever since I've never had to look anywhere else for my supplies. The selection, quality and fast, prompt service is UNBELIEVABLE! I will only purchase my incense from Wiccan Way. You can tell from the aroma it is DEFIFNITELY made from quality ingredients. I'm a solitary, but whenever I do run into someone who happens to be a Witch also, I tell them I will only shop from your website. You have the best products I've ever had the pleasure of acquiring. I don't like to talk money, however, you have the most reasonable pricing I've come across. And believe me, I've looked! I will never shop anywhere else except Wiccan Way. B.S.

Although I haven't yet placed an order with you, I am overwhelmed by the quality AND quantity of your inventory; but above all: the presentation of your website. It's beautifully designed, user-friendly and incredibly detailed. Despite the recession, as soon as my next paycheck clears, I'll be back to, where I will be adding to my collection of pendulums. Who needs a full tank of gas anyway? I look forward to giving you my business, and spreading the word. W.V.

Thank you for the quick order delivery, i was expecting at least 2 weeks but i got it in 2 days!! I will be ordering more iteams in the future. R.G.

I rarely write to companies about their service, but I had to write to you. I placed my first order with you last week. I contacted your team with a question about placing an order. I was responded so quickly that I was amazed! The person who responded was very clear in the instructions she gave, and she was incredibly nice and professional. (My only regret was not responding to her to thank her or to tell her how wonderful she is). I am a huge online shopper and tend to stick with those companies that I feel I can respect because they respect their customers. The Wiccan Way is definitely one of those companies. I will definitely be back. T.C.

I received my order today and I couldn't believe how fast it came...thanks so much for your courteous and prompt service, as well as attention to quality...D.T.

I am writing say how much I am enjoying my stick incense and my new pendulum. I am very impressed with your product and will continue to purchase orders from you. Thank You and Goddess Bless S.M.

I JUST received the stone pendulums I ordered and they are BEAUTIFUL! I'm always nervous about ordering things on line but I will have no fear with your company in the future. Thank you so much for your prompt and honest services. You guys rock! no pun intended! With gratitude, J.B.

I just received the item I ordered, the Pentacle with Oak leaves, and I wanted to tell you how very happy I am with it, and what a pleasure it was ordering from you. My pentacle arrived quickly, safely packaged, and your prices are the best I've seen online. Thankyou and Blessed Be, J.C.

Hello everyone at Wiccan Way! I wanted to give you my sincere thanks for the very fast service on my latest order. You are awesome. G.P.


Hello, the package has been received and I am very pleased. Thank you so much, I will be ordering again. Thank you!! T.F.

I got my order today, and I am thrilled with the Herkimer Pendant! It is more lovely than the picture, and has a terrific vibration. I love it, it was worth every penny,-which, by the way,-wasnt very much for the quality of this item. I will definitley shop here again! Thanks! A.A.

"I had just received an order from you that I had placed 4 days ago. I ordered the Silver Plated Celtic Bracelet and Traditional Black Bone Athame. Just wanted to let you know that both are better than I had hoped and look forward to doing business with you in the future." W.M. - Wisconsin

"Hello!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much!!!! I was VERY HAPPY with my order of a Pewter Celtic Triquetra charm necklace!!!! I had been wanting this necklace for a long time but it had been out of stock, so I was thrilled when my mom surprised me with it!!! It is VERY beautiful!!!! I am THRILLED with it!!! I just really want to thank you for having such a WONDERFUL online store!! I want you to know that I have tried to place orders at different online stores and it would take days for them to contact me and tell me the item was out of stock, even though it was advertised and so on and so on!!! Then they offer other items to try to make it better, and then the items never came and I could never get in touch with the store to clear up the issue!! So I LOVE the Wiccan Way online store and I will NEVER shop at another store besides this one!! I was so impressed that on my receipt was a handwritten note, from Vicki, which I thought was very nice!!! So thank you for that note and trust me, I have so ENJOYED my order and will be placing my next one VERY, VERY soon!!! Thank you so much for a great necklace, easy ordering and Awesome customer service!!!!!!!!! I will be shopping and browsing for my next purchase (or purchases)!!!!!!! Thanks again and Blessed Be" J.O. - Tennessee

"I ordered a Nine pointed Star of the Muses and a Bone Goddess Pendent on June 26th, it arrived today July 1st! Outstanding service and the quality is good too. Rest assured that although this was my first purchase from your company, it won't be the last. The bone Goddess is perfect for my Altar. Thanks again for the excellent service." J.J. - California

"Holy cow that was fast! Thank you Vicki!! =)" R.S. - North Carolina

"MM Vicki, thanks for my order, you are so quick in shipping. I'll be back, Brightest Blessings." K.S. - West Virginia

"MM, Vicki, got my incense today about 5 mins. ago. Thank you so much, the delivery is so quick and your pentacle and ankh is so beautiful. I'll be back, all my shopping will be done from you and I will let others know about your store, Brightest Blessings." K.S. - West Virginia

"MM, Oh today I received my order and my, its such beautiful jewelry and sent here so quick. Thank you, you have a great site and I will definitly be back and pass it on to others. Haven't tried the incense yet, but soon and I know will be terrific fragrance. Blessings, Blessings." K.S. - West Virginia

"I received my order the other day and I would like to Thank You for your prompt service. You really provide an important service for the Wiccan community. Thanks Again. Blessed Be." M.F. - Ohio

"Goodday Vicki (if I may call you by that name) first off I would like to start off by saying that I realize that these emails are sent as common practice of your business. However, it seems to me that the Wiccan Way and your particular motivation to respond to my comments placed on the order, not only shows the level of your understanding of the practices behind the business you are in, but also a true workmanship and care for the customer. In particularly the connoisseur or adept and educated practitioner. Obviously as an online store with such a variety and array of items available I can only assume that there must be a rather wide customer base to contend with, and in return I am greatfull and honestly a bit impressed to see an educated response to my order and it's commentary, and may I add that giving a tracking number is better practice for an online business than I have seen in some time. So in short I would simply say thank you and I will not only shop with you again but speak highly of your service. I felt though that being a man of honest tongue this was worthy of more than a simple and short response. May divinity reply to your goodness swiftly and without holding. Thank You." M.P.- North Dakota

"I want to thank you for your wonderful customer service. When I opened my last package and saw the note on my invoice I was impressed and it really brightened my day. Now I just received a very nice e-mail from you, and I just want to thank you for going above and beyond. It made me feel special and I appreciate that and will definitely give you my business in the future. Thank you and well wishes!" C.K.- North Carolina

"I just wanted to say thank you for providing your services online, and having them organized so clearly. I come from an area where there are few practicing witches – those of which are in hiding. I stumbled on your site by accident. I’m very glad I did. I have access to things that I didn’t think I would be able to get. So I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you." E.

"Just wanted to drop a note and let you know I received my order and I really appreciate the quality business you do. I've had great experiences ordering from your company and the wide selection that you carry. I also really appreciate the resources availabe on your site. Thanks so much!" C.A.- Nebraska

"I did not see anywhere on your site where I could praise your instant mailing of the orders I mailed. I hope this will say what I want to. Thank you. I had wonderful results immediately." D.S. - Florida

"Thanks for everything. Your prompt responses have been greatly appreciated. I was truly shocked when I placed the order late on a Sunday evening and got a reply in less than TWO HOURS!!! Imagine my suprise when I got your reply that late, AGAIN, that SAME evening, after I replied to your FIRST reply!!! I happen to be in the "customer support" industry myself, so I know what good customer support is, and this is just about as good as it gets! " H.V. - Illinois

"Thank you for all of your help, and for your very prompt responses. I wish I could get service like this more often. I will be back," J.M. - Oregon

"Thank you very much indeed ...excellent service i'll definately be coming back again!" D.F. - United Kingdom

"Vicki--- Thank you for going through all the trouble to look those up for me. It is so great to come across wonderful merchants like you! Please keep up the good work and I will keep you in mind for other purchases I may have." C.P.

"I just wanted to say that your site is very good. Most of the Metaphysical sites I go to are too expensive, have generic items, and are hard to navigate. Yours is easy to buy from, and your very friendly! I will contintue to shop exclusivly with you. Long Days and Pleasant Nights!!!" C.B. - Texas

"Thank you very much Vicki for keeping me informed ..excellent website and service and products please keep up the good work !!! Thank You." D.F. - United Kingdom

"I feel very good when I recieve my packages from you and for that thank you very much. You have my business and trust for a long time." R.M. - APO Military

"Thank you Vicki, I'm enjoying everything. I really like your store. Blessed Be" E.L. - California

"Thanks for being so prompt with all of my orders... it truly is a pleasure doing business with you. Blessed Be." A.B. - California

"Thank you for your constant and timely information, I will gladly do my shoping with you in the future if for no other reason than the time you have taken to keep me informed of your progress in this matter. Keep up the excelent work, you have earned a customer and I will send my friends to you as well." D.F. - Texas

"Thank you! I'll be sure to check your website first the next time I need anything." M.G. - Nevada

"I was really, really happy with all aspects of my shopping experience with you. Likewise, it was a total pleasure shopping with you." B.L. - California

"You guys are great! :-) Thanks for letting me know. You have been very helpful. I really appreicate the help. Thank you!" K.E. - Pennsylvania

"That was more than helpful. You folks have it together. Thanks so much" K.M.

"...I tend to shop with those shops and sites that offer the great customer service, respect and concern. Your is one of the best." S.G. - California

"My order arrived well packed, on-time, and what I purchased was exactly like it was pictured. Thank You. I'll be filling out the survey when it arrives." C.A. - Missouri

"I do thank you for your help in this matter." S.

"Thanks so much, I've never gotten a faster reply! I really appreciate your help." L.

"Your customer service is unbelievable. I definitely will refer my friends from Canada and France to you." J.H. - Virginia

"I will definitely shop with you again and again." D.D. - Massachusetts

"Thank you so much for going that extra mile to keep me informed about my order. The necklace arrived today and it is beautiful!!!! Thanks again. I fully intend to order from you again and have told several friends about your website." J.A. - New Mexico

"I am very pleased, my necklace is exactly as it looked on the web site and I got it so fast." J.G. - Louisiana

"Thank you for all your help." S.P. - United Kingdom

"Once again thank you so much for your help and patience with this. Not a lot of companies would have been so helpful." C.T. - Oregon

"Your follow through email is appreciated and impressive. The package was delivered. Thank you. The note from you inside the package was very sweet and a wonderful human touch -- " J.R. - California

"Thank you so much...You have been a great help!" C.J. - Florida

"I must say out of all of the online stores I've ordered things from, you definitely have the best customer service...thanks for running such a great business! =)" J.L. - Virginia

"Wonderful merchant - very happy with their services - shipping is always extremely fast! Quality products too!" R.S. - North Carolina

"This company has some of the best customer service! I always enjoy doing business with them and they always make my purchase very personable, you're not just a number to them. Also, if you have any problems with your order they are extremely prompt in correcting it. This is an excellent company and I HIGHLY recommend them!!!" C.A. - Nebraska

"I've shopped with this merchant before and would NEVER hesitate to keep going back! Blessings" T.S. - Texas

"The service was so great i was able to track my order before it arrived at my house, i will be buying more things at your store when i need them. Thanks a lot." S.I. - Massachusetts

"The second time I ordered they responded with a handwritten note with my shipment which made me feel they wanted to help me." S.J. - Arizona

"Excellent service, site, selection of items. Will definitely order again from Wiccan Way in the future." S.M. - New York

"This is not the first time I have shopped from Wiccan Way and it certainly will not be the last. The service is spectacular as well as the products. Customer service is a priority and not only are they very professional in dealing with questions etc. but very very sweet!!!!!! I am guarentted no hassles and I know my product will get here lightning speed!!! Thanks again!!! Brightest Blessings!!!" V.T. - Pennsylvania

"Every item I purchased actually was better in person than the picture showed! Faster delivery than any purchases I've made off ebay, and checkout was just as easy as ebay! Thanx to the merchant for such professionalism and I hope to do business again soon!" B.B. - Arizona

"This merchant is wonderful! They ship orders so fast and the products are high quality - I am very happy with my orders placed at the Wiccan Way!" R.S. - North Carolina

"Fabulous to order from, and very friendly. One of my favorites." N.S. - California

"Flawless transaction!" J.L. - Washington

"Fast service, thanks" R.S. - Pennsylvania

"Excellent all the way and Vicki is a very nice person, BB" K.S. - West Virginia

"Very satisfied. This is my second order. It went as smooth as the first." D.S. - Florida

"This was a very pleasing transaction. I will do business and shop here over and over again. There are many fine products however, were sold out of some products and could carry other products that I was planning on purchasing. I liked the personal note in the package. It made feel that they cared about how I felt about doing business with them." R.C. - Iowa

"I placed a 2nd order, shortly after my first one, and had to cancel it. So i called the store and got the same day a very nice letter back that the cancel had been done. Also i would like to remark that that lady i had on the phone was very helpfull and understanding. Big compliment for this shoppingplace!!!!" V.Y. - South Dakota

"I was very impressed with the customer service provided. Once things were straightened out with my billing address, the turnout around was outstanding." P.S. - Massachusetts

"The Wiccan Way store has a large variety of items to choose from. The order was filled and delivered in a very timely fashion. I plan to shop there again and again." S.F. - Illinois

"They have the best customer service, bar none. They also have a great community board which is a great source of information. They also were able to special order an item that was not available on the website." K.B. - Virginia

"The Wiccan Way is absolutly the best online wicca store to shop, excellent all the way. I rececived my order in about 3 days after placing. There was tracking info and emails to me about my order, when shipped and so on, excellent and Vicki is so nice. She takes the time to email you and even write a thank you on your invoice. I definitly recommend if you need Wicca supplies. What more can I say, except I will shop the Wiccan Way again" K.S. - West Virginia

"Great people to work with. Good quality products and fast shipping. I love this store!" J.B. - South Carolina

"This was a wonderful shopping experience. I go everything I needed and tons of information on the items I purchased. I got my items in just three days and did not pay extra on shipping." A.T. - Arizona

"I LOVE their products and no one can compare with their customer service. You feel like you're shopping with friends that know you personally. Absolutely my favorite place to shop for Wiccan items!" L.O. - California

"Thanks for the great Products, I love Shopping From You!" M.M. - New York

"Always a pleasure shopping at Wiccan Way. Excellent quality merchandise, helpful staff, great selection." T.S. - Oregon

"THis was my first time ever buying supplies like this online. Vicky was very helpful with all my questions that I had. I plan to do a lot more shopping with them in the future." C.A. - Florida

"Easy ordering, quick delivery. always a great experience." L.I. - New York

"Excellent and personalized customer service, and awesomely fast service! First rate all the way." J.G. - Texas

"They were outstanding. They understand customer service! Will purchse from them again and again!" M.F. - Ohio

"I was very pleased with the price, the quality of the product and the fast delivery. A GREAT merchant!! I will use them again!" F.P. - California

"Awesome place to shop!" J.B. - North Carolina

"My first purchase from The Wiccan Way was very simple. Their website is very easy to navigate and I had no problems ordering my item. It arrived just when expected and in excellent condition. I was surprised and pleased to see a handwritten thank you on the order form. That was a very nice touch and made me feel that even tho I'd not ordered from them before that I was not just a number. I will most definitely be ordering from them again in the future." C.A. - Pennsylvania

"This was fast and secure. I felt very confortable ordering this item" N.R. - Massachusetts

"The customer service is wonderful, the prices are fair and the whole process is easy and fast. I'll come back for sure." N.S. - California

"Immediate & excellent service." R.G. - North Carolina

"I was very happy with the whole experience. My delivery was prompt and all was as it should have been. i will definitely order again." L.I. - New York

"Wonderful products, website & customer service! A real pleasure to order from & all items I received were even more lovely than pictured/described! Thanks." K.G. - California

"I Highly recommend this company they have fast shipping and good prices. They are also discreet my package was shipped without any identifing markings on it. I was very impressed and will purchase from this company again." R.J. - Arkansas

"I always have and always will enjoy shopping with Wiccan Way. They are prompt and always have what I need. I have already recommended them to my friends!" A.B. - California

"The mirror was beautiful. Delivery was prompt. No really big complaints." S.P. - California

"I will definitely be ordering again from The Wiccan Way. Thanks!" M.T. - Texas

"I have made several orders through the Wiccan Way - I have found that the product is exactly as described, the service is prompt and friendly. I would recommend this site without reservation to anyone!" L.O. - California

"Very fast shipping, friendly service, superior to any other metaphysical online store I have yet to deal with (and I have dealt with a lot)." C.L. - Virginia

"Excellent to deal with, fast, easy, merchandise exactly as describe!! We will continue to use this merchant for all our wiccan needs and pass on this info to fellow wiccans!! Awesome, Thank You!" P.L. - Vermont

"Wonderful online shopping experience. Blessed be." J.W. - New York

"Nice to be able to order online, my order arived in a timely maner correctly. Even in the part of the world I am. Thank you!" C.M. - US Army

"Always a pleasure doing business with The Wiccan Way. Fast, friendly interaction, great products, good selection. One of my favorite places to shop!" T.S. - Oregon

"The website is very easy to use and has a lot of options to find exactly what you are looking for. Everything is shipped on time and it arrives on time. I would give the wiccan way an A+ overall." J.B. - California

"Everything went over smoothly on my first and not last visit to Wiccan Way. Thanks so much!!!!!" S.M. - Virginia

"Very nice merchandise, well-packaged, comparable prices. Friendly atmosphere with personalized service. Always a pleasure doing business at The Wiccan Way." T.S. - Oregon

"Very nice site. My purchase was free-flowing and easy. Items were sent to me quickly and the quality of the products was great!!" C.C. - Texas

"I started out with a problem, but they fixed it immediately with nothing to do on my part. It was very rapid service, and I love the product!" A.G. - California

"Wonderful people to work with! Highly recommended!" J.B. - South Carolina

"Outstanding service!" J.B. - North Carolina

"Will use again.. Everything about this Merchant is EXCELLENT!!!!!!" J.F. - Pennsylvania

"This is a great store and everytime I place an order I have it with in days. I keep coming back and will continue to." J.B. - North Carolina

"I was very pleased with everything, from short delivery time to quality of products. You can be sure I will shop here again." D.S. - Florida

"My online shopping experience with Wiccan Way website was the easiest and quickest. They offer about every shipping option even US mail which most places dont offer and I received my order very fast. I will definately be a repeat customer. Being Wiccan it is difficult to find items that I may require for a certain rituals and their website has a wonderful selection." C.L. - Florida

"Vicki thats cool with the message and all, gives yall a small time feel" R.S. - Tennessee

"Very impressive delivery time. Very smooth transaction. And a very nice product. I will definitely order again." F.R. - South Carolina

"It is amazing that the orders get out so quickly. It is a great web store. I appreciate that this site exists." J.M. - Texas

"Good service" E.R. - California

"They were very helpful and answered all my questions." K.B. - Washington

"All the experiences that i have had with the wiccan way has been a very good experience the people have got the time to reply back to you with an explanation it doesnt matter what you ask them. Even though i live in the U.K the price is very good too and they always tell you how much it will be and the delivery is fast too." S.P. - United Kingdom

"just wonderful." E.R. - California

"Great people to do business with. Fantastic communication all the way!! I will buy again with them not only for their products but because of their commitment to the customer and the follow through and even extra information they supplied! Vicki deserves a great big pat on the back for her service!" N.H. - Texas

"Yet again a perfect shopping experience! Many Thanks Blessed Be" L.P. - North Carolina

"I recomend the Wiccan Way as a good place to shop online, they are fast and courteous." J.P. - Nevada

"I was extremely pleased with the quickness that my gift order was shipped out. I also received feedback from the merchant regarding my brief note to them. I am extremely pleased with this merchant and intend to shop there again and again and again!! Thanks for such a wonderful website and service! Sincerely, A Happy Customer!" L.K. - New Jersey

"This merchant is as good as it gets!" J.E. - New York

"it was a great experience to come accross the site and with lots of faith and trust I have purchased something for the first time.I appreciate that youll mantain an absolute privacy. Thanks again." S.R. - Texas

"This merchant was an absolute pleasure to deal with. They did not have enough stock of one item I ordered, and were on the ball with very courteous and prompt communication as to the status of the backordered items. I will definitely do business with The Wiccan Way again and recommend them to friends." L.P. - North Carolina

"This is one of the best stores. They have just about everything I need. They keep you updated on your order and shipping is fast." - J.B. - North Carolina

"They have been wonderful since the first time I shopped with them. They are punctual with my items and keep me informed of what is going on on their site. I am looking forward to doing a lot more business with them!" A.B. - California

"wiccian way made it very easy for me to find exactly what I needed and filled the order very quickly and completely. They kept me up to date on the status of my order and I was delighted with the merchendise I recieved." R.W. - Maryland

"Very impressed with my purchase and purchasing experience with the Wiccan Way. They know what superior customer service is, and for that Im thankful. I will gladly shop with this Merchant again, no hesitation whatsoever!" P.O. - California

"They rock! I have never had a problem with them and will continue to use them for all of my shopping needs! Blessed Be!" A.B. - California

"I have ordered items twice from The Wiccan Way and recieved my order very quickly! Wonderful!" L.L. - New Jersey

"I really enjoyed the service I recieved from the Wiccan Way web site. Not only so they offer a wide selection of materials, it is extremly easy to order from and they E-mail shipping information at every step of the way to ensure that you know exactly what and where your order is. Thank You so very much. I will not only order from them again, but will refer others to the site. Blessed Be, Faithful" E.B. - Maryland

"My 1st & only experience with The Wiccan Way was great. I was purchasing a cloth & candle holders at the same time they were updating the site and the altar cloth was out of stock. Vicki tried to help me by finding out from the other suppliers if they had it cause it was the table cover for my wedding. She went completly out of her way to help me get my alter cloth. A Very Satisfied Customer." T.G. - Ohio

"This site has to be one of the foremost sites for online shopping for the wiccas needs. it is fast, reliable, and most of all has everything you will ever need. this site is a must in your favourites folder!" K.T. - United Kingdom

"100% satisfied. Thank you." J.H. - Virginia

"This merchant was awesome! They are prompt and their prices are the best on the web. I have already recommended them to my husband and my friends and they have already started shopping from them as well." A.B. - California

"I can highly recommend this merchant. I will shop with them in the future." J.G. - Texas

"Everything came packed so wonderfully and neat. My items came fast and beautiful. I love this online store. I will definately be ordering from here again. Everyone was a pleasure to communicate with. Excellent store, excellent people. A+++ !!! =)" G.L. - New York

"This is an excellent place to shop." B.L. - California

"Great selection, good prices and fast shipping. I will definitely purchase from them again." T.T. - South Carolina

"I found the wiccan way store a pleasure to deal with, they were thorough and i liked the way they send a confirmation email. etc I just wish that delivery would be a little faster without costing so much!!! But,that has nothing to do with Wiccan Way." M.O. - Pennsylvania

"Always Excellent. Best prices, best selection, best customer service." J.H. - Virginia

"this store was awesome I had my order in just 2 days I sent them wrong info at first, they emailed me back for the correct info within 2 hours, I had my shipment 2 days later. They were FANTASTIC, I will definately use thier store again." K.H. - Pennsylvania

"I was very pleased with the merchandise that I received and I will absolutely purchase more from this store again." R.T. - Massachusetts

"Love everything I have purchased from Wiccan Way!" D.W. - Tennessee

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