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Getting A Massage

Posted by Administrator on 4/27/2012 to Massage

If you haven’t experienced having a massage, then it’s high time for you to try one. And, if you expect a massage to be a gentle and soothing encounter, you could be wrong. But it would definitely work on that tension you feel in your shoulders and lower back.

Do make an early appointment. That neck pain or back pain that’s been bothering you for a long time may be aggravated with your posture, especially if you maintain the same position for longer periods like working at the computer.

What can you expect during a massage therapy? The answer depends on the type of massage you choose. If you go for the full body massage in a professional setting, you will be in a pleasant and comfortable room where the lights are soft to make you feel relaxed. You will also be asked to disrobe but your vital parts will be draped with towels or sheets.

You will have to lie prone, or facing down on the massage table and your head goes to a special padded holder with a hole in the middle so you can breathe -- think of a donut. Before the massage therapist works on your body, he would ask you in which areas of your body are experiencing pains and other complaints.

Be prepared. If you selected deep tissue massage therapy and this is your first ever attempt to have one, you will swear that it is the most awful pain you have experienced yet surprisingly, you will like it.

Deep tissue massage is a more focused type of massage therapy and works on a specific joint, muscle or muscle group. Its techniques were designed to access deeper layers of the soft tissue, break up the tautness in there, and retrain the muscles to move more harmoniously.

The first few deep tissue massage therapy sessions may seem to hurt and it’s perfectly normal to clench your jaws as you try to bear the pain. The end result will be worth more than the initial pain. Depending on the severity of your condition, it might take a few or many sessions before you notice the absence of your old pains.

To supplement your massage therapy sessions, your practitioner may ask you to perform several stretching exercises for the afflicted body part (e.g., neck or back or legs). These you have to do daily or nightly, depending on your schedule, and you will be amazed at the results.

Massage therapy is one of the oldest means of healing. Its techniques include kneading and application of pressure, motion, vibration or tension, either manually or using mechanical devices. Massage therapy works on the body's soft tissues (e.g., muscles, tendons, connective tissue, joints, tendons, lymphatic vessesl and the gastrointestinal organs. The massage therapy aids in the healing of injuries, relieves psychological stress, ease pains, stimulates circulation and tones the muscles.

You can also expect your breathing to be better while your circulation improves. During a massage therapy session, you will be coached on how to breathe slowly and deeply so they can gain the full benefits of the therapy. You may feel uncomfortable during the first few visits, but you will appreciate the relaxation it gives you. Occasionally, soft massage techniques are used. They are so relaxing clients often fall asleep whiled being massaged.

Chronic pains may require a series of treatment sessions before you gain the full benefits. Other than improved circulation and more efficient breathing, you get to relax your muscles and thus avoid sprains and incidents of torn ligaments. This is especially important for athletes. Even non-athletes would benefit too, particularly those who have weak structures and are always tense making them prone to injury.

Body structures weaken because of inactivity. This is particularly true for couch potatoes, or people who do desk jobs but fail to exercise. Their lower backs are prone to strain when lifting heavy objects even if they bend their knees to do so. Massage therapy retrains and repositions the muscles making them more flexible. Sprained or strained muscles would thus be less likely to occur.

Fatigue is characterized by extreme tautness of the muscles and you require extra energy just to move about. Massage therapy relieves fatigue by relaxing the muscles and promoting ease of movement. While fatigue is indicated by a feeling of lack of energy, its relief results in extra energy and enthusiasm that can be used to pursue other interests.

Massage therapists often use oils or creams to reduce the friction with dry skin. It is also common for them to integrate aromatherapy in their practice. A few drops of essential oils like lavender, rosemary and peppermint blended into the carrier oil or massage cream can help the client feel relaxed and peaceful. So, when you go for a massage, feel free to request for scented oil. It will enrich your massage therapy experience tremendously.

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