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Got Wax? Remove It!

Posted by Administrator on 3/30/2012 to Candles

A lot of people enjoy the soft lighting afforded by burning candles. If you are one of them, you probably know that most candles will dribble hot wax on your table cloth or carpet if given a chance.

When this happens, there are several things you can do to remove the wax. Your first action should be to remove all the loose wax from the drip area. Do not pry way away, simply remove anything that comes away easily.

One process you may use is to fill a metal pan (it MUST be metal) with ice. Place the pan on top of the wax spill and leave it until the wax is frozen. You may need to add more ice if it melts too quickly. When the wax is frozen, hit it with a small hammer to break it up. Pick up the pieces or use a vacuum to remove them.

You might also choose to use a heat treatment. Place a brown paper bag over the spill, and use a hot iron to melt the wax into the paper. This is not a method to be used on materials that will melt along with the wax. Use this on natural fibers.

In both cases, follow up the main treatment with some dry-cleaning solvent on a clean cloth. This will allow you to remove any remaining residues.