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Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Posted by Administrator on 8/9/2013 to Healing
Hand-sanitizer is a good germ-killing alternative when soap and water is not available, but some of the ingredients in commercial hand-sanitizer are questionable. Fortunately, making your own hand-sanitizer is a viable option.

Comfrey the Comforter

Posted by Administrator on 7/12/2013 to Healing
Comfrey has long been one of the most respected of medicinal plants, although today it is not recommended for internal use, the FDA having determined that repeated ingestion can lead to liver damage.

How To Get More Health Benefits From Green Tea

Posted by Administrator on 7/5/2013 to Healing
The popularity of green tea continues to grow as more people enjoy the delicious taste and immense health benefits this drink has to offer. When buying and preparing green tea, it pays to use caution since not all teas are created equal and such subtleties as how the tea is prepared can enhance or detract from its health benefits. Here’s how to maximize the health benefits of drinking green tea:

Aromatherapy In The Workplace

Posted by Administrator on 6/28/2013 to Aromatherapy
As many of you know, work can create a lot of stress in our lives. This stress can then manifest into physical ailments such as stomach problems, headaches and anxiety. That's why it's important to make your personal work space as comfortable and stress-free as possible. One way to do this is through the use of aromatherapy, which is the use of aroma oils to help bring about feelings of physical and psychological well-being. The theory behind aromatherapy is that the inhalation of aroma oil fragrances stimulates the area of the brain controlling emotions and memory. Chemicals in the brain are then released, helping a person feel more calm, relaxed or energized.

What is Biofeedback?

Posted by Administrator on 6/21/2013 to Healing
Biofeedback is a form of alternative medicine that falls under the category of mind-body therapy. It uses feedback from different monitoring procedures and equipment to measure a person’s internal and involuntary bodily processes (like blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, skin temperature and sweating) and relays the information to the subject in real-time. This is so that he can start employing specific techniques to gain conscious control over the related physiological activities, alleviate symptoms and manage his specific health conditions.

What Is Reiki?

Posted by Administrator on 6/14/2013 to Healing
Reiki is a therapy that originated in Japan involving the use of a universal healing energy which the practitioner channels and transmits to the patient. Transference of the Reiki energy happens when the practitioner lays his hands onto the patient with the purpose of adjusting the frequency of the patient's aura, modifying and cleansing the body energy and promoting healing on the different levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Herbal Teas and Tisanes

Posted by Administrator on 6/7/2013 to Healing
An herbal tea is not really a tea (that is, a beverage made from straining tea leaves), but rather a tisane. A tisane is an herbal infusion, usually made by steeping plant parts in boiling water. As they are not made in the same way as traditional teas, they contain no caffeine, but they may contain the medicinal properties of the flowers or herbs from which they are made.

Indigo Children - Who Are They?

Posted by Administrator on 5/24/2013 to Chakras
As described by parents and psychic practitioners, Indigo Children are unusually precocious children born after 1992. Their label derives from the color indigo which surrounds their auras - a color associated with the third eye, or psychic, chakra.

An Introduction to Magnet Therapy

Posted by Administrator on 5/17/2013 to Healing
Magnet therapy has been used by different cultures for healing for a very long time. Cleopatra may have been the first historical figure to use magnet therapy as she was known to sleep on lodestone or magnetite to keep her skin youthful. This could also be the same reason why ancient rulers wore metallic headbands and bracelets. Even Aristotle and Plato were said to mention the benefits of lodestone in their works.

Natural Flea Control For Your Pets

Posted by Gail Kavanagh on 5/10/2013 to Healing
Ctenocephalides canis and Ctenocephalides felis are two uninvited guests that like to make themselves at home on our dogs and cats - and because we love our pets, we shudder at the thought of dowsing them in potentially harmful chemicals to kill those pesky fleas. But there is a better way, if we take a holistic approach.

Crystals For Healing

Posted by Administrator on 3/9/2012 to Crystals
Crystals are minerals that form a crystalline structure with its atoms and ions arranged in geometrically precise patterns. Quartz, with its characteristic clear points, is the most common crystal. Quartz caught the attention of many people in the United States in the mid-1980s during the surge of the New Age movement, spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics and other related activities. Note that crystals were already popularly used by other cultures long before they were commercialized by the American shops and establishments that rode the new wave.