Help! I haven't received any emails regarding my order!

8/28/2010 by

Once your order has been accepted in our store and you've reached the final web page in the ordering process where an order number is assigned and displayed onscreen, an email is immediately generated to the email address you supplied during the ordering process. If you printed out that web page where the order number was displayed, please check to see if the email address shown is correct.

If the email address IS correct but you still haven't received your order confirmation email, please check the "Spam" or "Junk" email folders for your email program. It's very possible that your email provider didn't recognize our email as a valid email and incorrectly labeled our email as spam or junk and put it in that folder. Look for an email dated the same date as you placed your order, with a time stamp right around the same time too. You might want to also indicate in your email program that our emails are not Junk or Spam by adding to your accepted email address "whitelist" so that you don't have any problems receiving emails from us in the future.

If the email address IS NOT correct, please go to our Customer Service Request Form, fill out the form with your CORRECT email address and let us know we need to update the email address for your order. Please be sure to give us your order number if you have it available, along with your name, address and the date of your order. Having that information will make it much easier to locate your order and make the appropriate change to the email address.

If you are sure we have your correct email address and you've checked and our email is not in your Junk or Spam email folders, please fill out a Customer Service Request Form and let us know you need another copy of your email sent to you. We can easily send another one your way. You can also log into your Wiccan Way account and print a copy of your order invoice from there.

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