Help! Why does my credit card/bank account appear to have several charges for one order?

8/28/2010 by

Let us try to explain what you're seeing on your bank account regarding your order attempts...

Because we have an online store which does real time authorizations with Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover for all orders, when you fill out your order information (billing information, credit card information, expiration date and CVV code, etc), the credit/debit card companies check to see if everything is filled out correctly and matches what they have on file for you. When you hit the final submit button on your order, the store software communicates with your credit card company and the authentication of your credit card information takes place.

At that same time, your credit/debit card company places the amount of the attempted order in "pending/reserve" so that they can prevent you from using your card past your credit limit/bank balance. The total of the attempted order is "pending/reserved" out of your balance, but not actually charged until the order is successfully placed and we submit the charge for the order, usually the next day. Normally, if you look at your credit/debit card account, you'll see that amount of the "pending/reserve" is reflected in the overall balance, but no actual line item transaction from Dsaria International LLC appears on your account. That's how you can tell it's a reserved amount vs. an actual charge. The reserves usually last 3-5 business days if a charge is not made against them, then the reserved amounts will be automatically released back to you so you can use it again. This is pretty much standard operating procedure with all credit card and debit card purchases nowadays.

However, there's a catch to this supposedly great system provided by the credit/debit card companies. IF you have not accurately filled out all the credit/debit card authentication information and the system comes back with an denial or error after you have clicked that final submit button, for some unknown reason, the credit card company still places the order total in "pending/reserve" even though you have not successfully submitted your order. Then you make your corrections for the error you received and you click the final submit button again. Then, once again, it goes through the entire process of validating the credit/debit card information and puts the order total in "pending/reserve" AGAIN. This continues to happen each time you attempt to submit your order with mismatched information until such time as you successfully place your order.

This is what happened to you and why it appears you have been charged multiple times, when, in fact, we actually only charge once per successfully placed order. You've got a multiple "pending/reserve" on your credit/debit card for the order total applied to your account by the card company due to your previously declined attempts, but there's not an actual line item transaction on your account which shows the charge has been put through.

One thing you can try to do is contact your debit card company about the extra money that has been reserved due to the declined attempts to see if they'll release it for you. Sometimes they will, and sometimes they won't, but it might be worth a call to the phone number listed on the back of your credit/debit card to see if they can help you with the problem.

However, one reserved amount on your credit/debit card has to stay applied against your account if you were able to successfully place your order. That's what tells the bank/credit card company you'll have the money available once we put through the charge when your order has shipped out. If they didn't reserve the money in this way, you could overcharge your card similar to how people used to write hot checks, and use it when they don't have enough of a balance to cover their purchases. This way, the credit/debit card company makes sure you have enough money available in your account balance to cover your purchases by reserving the money you have attempted to spend as you go along.

I hope this explanation relieves your concerns about us overcharging you for your order. We will only submit ONE charge for your order. The remaining "pending/reserved" amounts against your credit/debit card were done by your credit/debit card company for each failed attempt you made, and unfortunately we have absolutely no control over the their "pending/reserving" funds process.

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