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Herbal Teas and Tisanes

Posted by Administrator on 6/7/2013 to Healing
An herbal tea is not really a tea (that is, a beverage made from straining tea leaves), but rather a tisane. A tisane is an herbal infusion, usually made by steeping plant parts in boiling water. As they are not made in the same way as traditional teas, they contain no caffeine, but they may contain the medicinal properties of the flowers or herbs from which they are made.

How to Make an Herbal Tisane
Choose your herb, spice, flower, root, or seed and steep it in boiling water. Allow this preparation to infuse for several minutes before straining. Woody plants, roots, or seeds may have to be simmered for a few minutes before steeping so as to gain maximum flavor, aroma, and medicinal benefits. When steeping, the preparation should be covered in order to trap the medicinal properties of the herbs.

Herbal Tisanes and Their Benefits
The variety of tisanes or herbal teas that are available to make is unlimited. Try these gentle infusions for healthy beverages without caffeine:

Chamomile—soothes digestion by acting as a muscle relaxant.

Peppermint—calms nausea and also acts as a muscle relaxant.

Licorice root—soothes ulcers because it is calming to the lining of the stomach and to the intestines.

Clover blossom—good for menstrual periods because it contains “phytoestrogens.”

Ginger—good for colds, flu, and nausea.

Parsley—helps to maintain kidney health.

Thyme—eases congestion and may ward off colds.

Garlic—has antibacterial and antiviral properties; may also improve circulation.

Herbal Combinations for Healthy Tisanes
Tea Tonic: ginger, mint, chamomile, nettles, and rose hips
Calming Tisane for Sleep: chamomile, linden flowers, mint, and lemon balm
Cold Combatant Tea: ginger, thyme, sage, and honey/lemon juice (or both)
Herbal teas may be beneficial, but it is important for people with severe health problems to consult a doctor before using herbal teas for a particular ailment. Pregnant women should also use caution when drinking herbal teas.