How To Burn Resin/Granule Incense

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What You Need to Burn Resin or Granular Incense
  • An incense censer or cast iron cauldron. Use something that can withstand extremely high temperatures. You can use a plain metal or porcelain bowl but make sure you set it on a fireproof surface - like a trivet. Pack your incense burning container with sand. You will end up placing your lit charcoal tablet on the top of the sand.
  • Charcoal tablets. You can find Charcoal Tablets here at the Wiccan Way.
  • A feather (or a small piece of cardboard) to lightly fan the burning incense.
  • Sand. It’s important to place the sand in the censer for insulation – the charcoal blocks get very hot!
  • A pair of tweezers, needle-nose pliers or metal cooking tongs for lighting the charcoal tablets.
  • A mortar and pestle to grind up the incense resin or granules.
  • The incense resin or granules you want to burn.
How To Burn Your Incense
  • Select incense and (if necessary) grind it up in the mortar and pestle.
  • Place the sand in the censer – fill to at lease three quarters of the bowl.
  • Light candle and place in a candle holder so you can use it "hands free".
  • Hold a charcoal tablet (with the tweezers, pliers or metal tongs) over the candle and light one end. It may take a minute or two to light before it sizzles and glows. When it stops sizzling, place it (with the slightly indented side facing up) in the sand in the middle of the censer.
  • Place a small amount of your selected incense or mix on the charcoal tablet. Waft gently with the feather or piece of cardboard.
  • The charcoal tablet will last for around 2 hours, so continue placing small amounts of your chosen incense on it when needed. Enjoy!
  • Fully extinguish your charcoal tablet when completed. Use your tweezers, pliers or metal tongs to extract the tablet from the censer and submerse it in water.
Please remember, do not burn incense near any flammable objects, and never place lit incense or charcoal within the reach of children! Stay safe and practice smart incense burning techniques.

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