How To Care For Your Silver Products

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The biggest challenge with Silver is TARNISH. When you own silver jewelry and other silver products... you know all about tarnish. Here are a few tips for you to keep your sterling silver items bright and shiny:

Since silver tarnishes when exposed to air, store your silver items in airtight bags whenever possible. Using individual bags for each piece will help keep the items from scratching. With proper care, your sterling silver items will last for generations.

Harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, chlorine, sulfur, fingernail polish remover, etc (even just the fumes!) can harm the silver and gemstone surfaces. Always remove sterling silver jewelry when working with chemicals.

A polishing cloth (available for purchase from The Wiccan Way) is the best way to remove tarnish from your silver items. You can also use very mild soap and warm water to clean silver items. REMEMBER to close the sink drain first!! Use lots of warm water to completely remove all soap. Pat item dry using a soft cloth. Do not use paper towels or tissue to dry or polish your items because their fibers can scratch the finely polished surface of your sterling silver. Again, a specially made polishing cloth is the best way to polish your silver pieces.

For excessive tarnish, use a non-abrasive name brand silver cleaner following the manufacturer's cleaning instructions. Remember to close the drain, rinse off all the cleaner with warm water and pat your item dry with a soft cloth.

Know that silver can tarnish rapidly when exposed to the sun and salt air. So if you wear your jewelry to the beach or on a boat, it will tarnish. Use a polishing cloth to give it a quick wipe before you put it away in its protective plastic airtight bag.

If you are considering a silver dip, rethink that idea if your item has a stone set in it. Some stones cannot be dipped, soft stones like turquoise, lapis, malachite, amber, and pearls are but a few that will be harmed from a silver dip. There's no problem with amethyst, garnet, onyx, moonstone, iolite, tourmaline and many others. If your stone is not listed here, check with your local jeweler.

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