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How To Get More Health Benefits From Green Tea

Posted by Administrator on 7/5/2013 to Healing
How To Get More Health Benefits From Green Tea - an article by WiccanWay.comThe popularity of green tea continues to grow as more people enjoy the delicious taste and immense health benefits this drink has to offer. When buying and preparing green tea, it pays to use caution since not all teas are created equal and such subtleties as how the tea is prepared can enhance or detract from its health benefits. Here’s how to maximize the health benefits of drinking green tea:

Choose Loose Leaf Green Teas

Don't be fooled by the convenience of bottled green teas. Studies have shown that bottled teas in general have lower levels of polyphenols than what you can achieve by brewing your own at home. Plus, many bottled green teas are laden with sugar and preservatives which may offset some of the health benefits of drinking green tea.

Drink It Throughout The Day

To get the health benefits of green tea, you need to drink a certain amount. Unfortunately, there's no real consensus on how much is enough. Some studies show that two cups a day will give you some protection against heart disease and cancer while others suggest you need to drink at least five. Make green tea your drink of choice and sip it throughout the day and with meals to ensure that you're getting maximal health benefits.

Don't Add Milk

Although some people like to drink green tea with milk, the addition of milk appears to negate the health benefits of green tea. The culprit seems to be the casein in milk which binds to the polyphenols offsetting their health giving properties. If you want to add milk to your green tea, use soy or almond milk which lack casein.

Brew It For Maximal Polyphenol Release

If you want to increase the polyphenol content of green tea, brew it at a slightly higher temperature of around one hundred degrees centigrade. This helps to release greater quantities of the healthy giving components of green tea. You can also allow the tea to steep for an additional minute to release more polyphenols. Instead of the standard two minute steep time, extend it to three minutes. This may give the tea a bitter taste but it will be healthier.

Take A Green Tea Supplement

If you find it difficult to drink at least two cups of green tea each day, consider taking a green tea supplement. Studies have shown the supplemental form of green tea seems to have the same health benefits as drinking the tea itself. You can purchase supplements both at health food stores and online.

Don't miss out on the fabulous health benefits of drinking green tea. It's a cheap and easy insurance policy against disease.