How To Use An Oil Diffuser

9/7/2010 by

Using an Oil Diffuser is a quick and easy procedure...
  • Just fill the bowl of the diffuser with water, then add a FEW DROPS of scented Wiccan Way Aroma Oil to the water. Or another method is to use wax in the bowl with the oils instead of water. If you break up one Tea Light Candle (removing the wick assembly and the tin cup) and put that in the bowl with the oils, you still have a wonderful scent, but as an added bonus, once it's cooled, you can remove it easily from the bowl when you are done!

  • If you have a traditional, candle lit oil diffuser, heat the water/oil mixture in the bowl using the flame from a Tea Light Candle.

  • If you have an Electric Oil Diffuser, heat the water/oil mixture by turning on the warming element which is accomplished by rotating the switch found on the power cord.

  • Be sure to frequently check the water level in the diffuser bowl so that it does not evaporate completely and start to burn the bowl. A heated, empty bowl will crack and become unusable.

  • And don't forget to blow out the flame or turn off your diffuser once you're finished using it!

Please remember, do not use oil diffusers near any flammable objects, and never place lit candles or electric diffusers within the reach of children! Stay safe and practice smart oil diffusing techniques.

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