How To Use Bath Salts In Your Ritual Bath

10/16/2010 by

Because our Wiccan Way Bath Salts contain actual herbs, here's the best way to use them in your bath water so you don't clog your drain when the water empties out:

1. Use a small cloth bag and put approximately 1/2 cup of Wiccan Way Bath Salts into the bag. Cinch up the top of the bag using the attached cord to prevent the bath salts from spilling out.

2. Run your bath water into the tub at the temperature you prefer.

3. Drop the small cloth bag (which now holds the bath salts) into your bath water and swish it around in the water so the salts dissolve and the herb have a good opportunity to infuse their properties into the water.

4. Get into the tub of water and as you soak, focus your thoughts on the results you hope to achieve with your ritual bath.

5. When you're finished, be sure to rinse the salt water off your body with fresh, clear water.

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