How To Use Herbal Spell Mixes

11/6/2010 by

The Herbal Spell mixes are most commonly used in the following ways:

1. Ritual Baths - Add some to your bath water by putting some in a small cloth bag and then soaking the bag in the bath water, or by adding the herbs directly into the bath water.

2. Sachet Bags or Dream Pillows - Add some of the herbs to a small bag and put under your pillow while you sleep. Can also be used as a sachet bag since many of these herb mixes are quite aromatic!

3. Spell/Ritual/Mojo Bags - Use the herbs as a component of spell or mojo bags.

4. Burn in the same manner as resin incense with a charcoal tablet and the proper incense censer.

5. Potpourri - As previously mentioned, many of these mixes are extremely aromatic and would make great potpourri bowls for bathrooms or other areas around your home. Just add the dry mix to a small bowl and place the bowl in a room or closet for a subtle fragrance.

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