How To Wear Adjustable Metal Bracelets

11/6/2010 by

Adjustable bracelets are not meant to be repeatedly "opened and closed", or "loosened and tightened".

The normal procedure is to set the bracelet so that it fits loosely around your wrist (but doesn't fall off) and so you can easily remove the bracelet by turning your wrist sideways and sliding it through the opening of the bracelet (the area where the two ends DO NOT meet). The bracelet should not be adjusted so tightly so that the ends of the bracelet touch or do not allow you to slide your wrist through to remove it. Once you've got your bracelet properly adjusted to your wrist, there shouldn't be any need for additional repeated adjustments.

Numerous adjustments of the bracelet will cause stress fractures in the metal and will cause the metal to crack. Once the metal cracks, there's not much you can do to fix the bracelet, and it's possible it will eventually snap in half. This is not a defect in the structure of the bracelet, it is caused by the stress of multiple "openings" and "closings" which aren't normally necessary with this style of bracelet.

So remember, just set it and forget it. Slide your wrist in through the opening, admire how lovely it looks on you, and then when you're done, slide your wrist out of the same opening. Hopefully this additional information will allow you to enjoy your bracelet for a long time, without any breakage in the metal.

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