Important Information About Your Cinnamon Broom

11/6/2010 by

You have selected a quality fragrance product and decorative accessory giving your home or office a pleasing aroma. The highest quality oil and specially designed Fragrance Dipping System makes this broom the best, with the longest lasting fragrance on the market.

Please Note The Following Instructions:
  • Properly dispose of the plastic bag surrounding this broom.

  • Avoid skin contact with the fragrance portion of the broom (the bristles area).

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Never hang the broom on wallpaper or absorbent materials or surfaces. The fragrance oil on the broom could stain these materials/surfaces.

  • To refresh the scent of your broom, you can use our Wiccan Way Cinnamon Anointing/Aroma Oil in a small perfume spritzer or sprayer and give the broom new life!

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