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Indigo Children - Who Are They?

Posted by Administrator on 5/24/2013 to Chakras
As described by parents and psychic practitioners, Indigo Children are unusually precocious children born after 1992. Their label derives from the color indigo which surrounds their auras - a color associated with the third eye, or psychic, chakra. 

The characteristics that set these children apart from other children is their emotional and physical super sensitivity. They are intuitive and usually academically and/or metaphysically gifted. Many Indigo Children seem wise beyond their years and can have the ability to detect hidden agendas.

Many Indigo Children are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. But parents of these children are certain that their special qualities are what contribute to this diagnosis. Indigo Children say they see things that other people can't see—ghosts, angels, auras. Doctors say this is part of their supposed disability, but the Indigo Children and their parents believe that this supernatural sight is a part of their gift.

Some say that Indigo Children are the next step in evolution. Often they are described as guides who will help others and show the way to the future. It is also said they have strong life purposes; their warrior spirit urges them to crush old standards and traditions that are no longer of social use. They seek integrity, and therefore are very sensitive to dishonesty.

Some specialists say that Indigo Children have always existed, though in smaller numbers than today. Others say that Indigo Children have not existed before this time. Sources say that some adults can be Indigos, but lose this color from their aura later in life.

One definition of Indigo Children describes them as beings that are born with a biological connection to their spirituality. As the next step in human evolution, they are supposed to bring humanity to a higher level of spirituality.