Moss Agate Worry Stone
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Moss Agate Worry Stone

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Make this Worry Stone a constant companion. This stone, originating from Ancient Greece, is also known as a Thumb Stone or Meditation Stone. Smooth and polished this Moss Agate Worry Stone, with thumb pad size indentation, is the perfect amulet to always have at hand.

Moss Agate promotes emotional well-being as well as emotional healing. It is particularly beneficial to those born under the sign of Gemini and helps them stay calm and focused. Restful sleep, pleasant dreams, internal peace, courage and protection from danger are all benefits attributed to Moss Agate.

Moss Agate also encourages sharpness of the mind and aids in memory, concentration and analytical thinking. Carrying this Worry Stone gives one the ability to channel negativity out as well as benefit from the natural powers the Moss Agate provides.

Each stone is unique in its coloration and size making each stone as individual as its owner. Whether this Worry Stone is used as a personal companion for oneself or a gift of well-being for a friend, this Moss Agate Stone offers piece of mind at your fingertips.

Approximate Size: 1.5" long x 1.25" wide

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