My Account - How do I register an account?

10/23/2003 by WiccanWay

Creating an account is EASY! Here are instructions to get your account set up:
  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Click on the 3rd red box which says "Create Account".
  3. Accurately complete all the information requested. (Be sure your password is at least 8 characters long.) (Since this is for US Accounts, the country defaults to United States).
  4. Add the verification code from the picture and then click "Proceed".
  5. You should be taken to a page confirming the creation of your account.
  6. If you place a US order with us, you can also register a new account as part of the checkout process.

If you do not have a US address, we are not able to accept the registration of non-US accounts. You can still order with us, but international ordering is completed differently. Instructions for non-US ordering.