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Numerology and Your House Number

Posted by Administrator on 5/31/2013 to Divination
Your house number is more than just a convenience for the postman. According to the precepts of numerology, it can mean the difference between a house and a home. Are you compatible with your house number? Read on and find out. 

First you have to use numerology to find out your own personal number. To do this you must add up all the numbers in your date of birth. For example, if your birthdate is June 26, 1986, you will write out the sum as 2+6+6(for the month) +1+9+8+6. The result is 38. Now you must add these numbers together, which equals 11. Add 1+1 and the answer is 2. This is your birth number.

If your house number is a single number, the rest is easy. But if it has multiple numbers, you must add these together until you get one number. There is no need to add the street or the zip code.

Now you have your personal number, you can compare them, and understand how you and your house relate to each other.

1: A house with this number is very demanding, needing constant renovation, redecorating and maintenance to make it sure it stays in prime condition. This should be the best house in the neighborhood. It dislikes clutter, but needs plenty of active accessories, like a gym, an adventure playground or a pool. It's a great house for the innovative, inventive decorator and lends itself well to extension and renovation. Timid or laid back types won't be able to settle in this house, so it won't suit a 2 or a 6, but it will feel like home to a 1, 4 or 8. Creative 3 and 5 will find success with artistic pursuits.

2: The house with this number makes a good family home. It has a pervading atmosphere of peace and cooperation and dislikes disharmony and arguments. It has a slightly shabby air, as if it has been well lived in. It doesn't take too well to modernization, so renovations shouldn't be sudden or too invasive. When renovating you are likely to uncover problems with the plumbing or other items that have been happily ignored for decades. Disturb them though, and you will have to dig deep for repairs. You will want to create cozy corners in this house, and it is important to have a good kitchen. Active, edgy types, such as a 1, won't like it, but cozy 2s and 6s will love it.

3: A house with this number is a hive of creative activity. It may have a studio or study, or lots of bookshelves. It's the ideal house for the free creative spirit, who loves to mix decorating styles. There may be odd additions to the house, like extra rooms, balconies or doors that lead nowhere. It's a fun, happy go lucky house, but one that survives neglect. The garden will be hard to tame, so let it go wild and surprise you with unexpected blooms and fruits. Tidy 4s and 8s will have trouble here, but it will suit a 3, 5 or 9n down to the ground.

4: A house with this number repays a lot of care. It won't stand out but it will provide a functional and practical home. Generally, in design it lacks imagination, and manages even to make individual touches look ordinary and lack luster, so it is not a house that rewards creative decorating. But if you like a place for everything and everything in its place, this house will be ideal. It likes things stored neatly out of sight, tidy lawns, neat paths and patios. So much attention to detail may lead to disharmony if there is an occupant who can't be bothered trimming the lawn edges. Not for the creative 3 or 5, but perfect for 4 and 8.

5: This is the kind of house where people are always coming and going. Several times a year it will be left to its own devices or a house sitter while the occupants jet off somewhere. It's an expansive house, and is likely to see a lot of enlarging and renovation. The garage or family room will be cluttered with ongoing projects. This a house that responds well to an eclectic style of decorating with items from all over the world. It likes screens and moveable furniture so areas can be quickly changed around, and will likely change ownership many times. It's a good house for a home business, as it attracts visitors, or an investment rental property. You will love it if you are a 1, 3 or a 5, but if you are a 4 or 8, rent it out.

6: This house makes an ideal home for an extended family. It has a nurturing atmosphere where people of all ages feel unconditional love. It is likely to have a lot of bedrooms with areas made over into sleepovers or a `granny' flat. The kitchen will be large and able to feed an army in a pinch. This house responds well to comfort decorating with soft thick carpets, plush seating and indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. The garden will love being productive, so fruit trees and vegetables are likely to be in evidence. Charity collectors are drawn to this house as if by magnets, because they know they will get a warm and generous reception. The perfect setting for a 2, 6 or 9, nurturing to a creative 3 or 5, provides security for 4 and 8, but may be too stifling for a 1 and too bustling for a 7.

7: This house may never be able have more than one or two occupants successfully, because it becomes tense if there is a lot of noise and activity. A number 7 house is the ideal address for a loner or a devoted couple with similar interests. This is a very spiritual house where study and work can be carried on in peace and solitude. If you run a business from this house, try to deal with your customers and clients off the premises. This house responds well to a Zen style of decorating, with lots of open space and light. Renovation should be tackled sensitively, as the resulting uproar can ruin the atmosphere. Just the right atmosphere for a 7, or a creative 3 or 5, but may be a bit chilly to a 2 or 6.

8: Renovation is not recommended with this house, as it can end up proving way more costly than first estimated. Houses with this number are very solid and well built, and it soon becomes clear that changing anything requires a lot of effort. You can run a successful business from this house, and achieve a lot of recognition for craftsmanship. This house needs a decorating style in keeping with its longevity. Cheap flimsy furniture will just look silly, so go for good quality antique or period pieces. It is a good house if you like your privacy, as it does not encourage casual visitors. Ambitious 4 and 8 will like it, 1 may find it all too heavy and creative 3 and 5 will run a mile. But 2 and 6 can turn this into a comfortable family home.

9: They say that when all the moving around is done and you are looking for a place to call home, you should look for a 9 House. This is the number of completion, and you will find all you are looking for here. A 9 House is the kind of place to settle down in, and it will adapt itself easily to whatever you want. It undergoes extensive renovation without a grumble, happily adapts itself to any decorating style and welcomes your friends and extended family. You may find an attic still full of someone else's junk, or a shed full of old tools. It's hard to leave a 9 House, and something of the former owners always remains. A 9 house suits all numbers because it will be just what you want it to be.