Order Status - An item is missing from my shipment, what do I do?

11/6/2003 by WiccanWay

If you think there is something missing from your shipment, please read the following information:
  • DO NOT THROW OUT THE SHIPPING BOX (we will need it to file a loss claim)
  • Compare the packing slip to what was received in the box to determine what may be missing
  • Completely EMPTY out ALL contents of the box including all packing materials (small items will sometimes be hiding within the peanuts)
  • Unwrap all items wrapped in bubble wrap (we will wrap multiple items together for better cushioning)
  • Inspect the box to see if it appears that damage occurred during shipping and items were lost out of the box while in transit
  • If you still haven’t found your missing items after completely emptying the box and unwrapping anything wrapped in bubble wrap, report your missing items IMMEDIATELY (within 2 calendar days from date your order is received) to our Customer Service department by completing a Customer Service Request form. Be sure to include your order number and the date the order was received in the body of your request.
  • All reports for missing items must be made to us via our Customer Service Request form within 2 calendar days of receipt of your order. Reports for missing items made after that time frame will not be investigated.