Rose Quartz Gemstone Pendulum
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Rose Quartz Gemstone Pendulum

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Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, is the stone used in this darling Rose Quartz pendulum. Rose Quartz is all natural and is made by Mother Earth. Therefore the color range in rose quartz can range from a pretty pink to a beautiful peach color.

The qualities associated with rose quartz are enhanced love. Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart chakra and helps to open its holder to all types of love. Whether you are looking for stronger self-love, family love, platonic love or romantic love, this powerful Rose Quartz pendulum is the perfect crystal for you.

Rose Quartz also offers protection during pregnancy and childbirth. It promotes gentleness, forgiveness and increases tolerance. Rose Quartz offers high levels of energy and is believed by some to aid in weight loss.

Whether it is the power or the beauty that draws you to this beautiful pendulum, you are sure to delight in owning it. Each stone measures from 1/2'' - 2'' long, comes with a chain of approximately 6'' and includes a gemstone bead. making no two exactly the same.

The uniqueness of this pendulum only adds to its charm. This pendulum is useful and gorgeous and a pleasure to hold.

Please Note: It is completely natural for these stones to have "flaws", occlusions, or what appear to be "internal cracks" in the stone. These all-natural qualities add to the character of the stone and ensure each one is unique, but these characteristics do not take away from the pendulum's dowsing abilities. Prior to ordering, please be aware that your pendulum will probably have some of these qualities.

Approximate Size: 0.5'' to 2'' long with an approximately 6'' long chain and gemstone bead. These pendulums are natural stones and their sizes and color intensities will vary.

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