Rose Quartz Herkimer-Style Faceted Pendulum, Sterling Silver
Rose Quartz Herkimer-Style Faceted Pendulum, Sterling Silver - Witchcraft Supplies

Rose Quartz Herkimer-Style Faceted Pendulum, Sterling Silver

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  • Approximate Size: 1.25" long and 7/8" wide with an approximately 6'' long chain. These pendulums are made with natural stones and their sizes and colors may vary.
Wow! Beautiful color, style and splendor are brought together in this exquisite, premium quality Herkimer style faceted pendulum. The large and lovely rose crystal of this pendulum measures approximately 1 1/4" tall and 7/8" wide. The twelve sides of this faceted rose quartz pendulum bring out the total beauty and richness of the exquisite color of the rose quartz. Bring the color of the rose quartz together with the intricate, stunning design of the sterling silver setting and you have the perfect match of attractiveness and style.

Rose quartz is often referred to as the stone of love. It brings self-love and self-appreciation to its bearer. Along with self-love, it promotes universal love and acceptance of all. The rose quartz of this pendulum encourages forgiveness and tolerance as well as attracts unconditional, non judgmental love to you.

The strength and attractiveness of this rose quartz stone, along with the shine and strength of genuine sterling silver, make this one of our most beautiful pendulums. Bring inspiration through beauty into your dowsing rituals with this wonderful rose quartz and sterling silver pendulum.

Please Note: It is completely natural for these stones to have "flaws", occlusions, or what appear to be "internal cracks" in the stone. These all-natural qualities add to the character of the stone and ensure each one is unique, but these characteristics do not take away from the pendulum's dowsing abilities. Prior to ordering, please be aware that your pendulum will probably have some of these qualities.

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