Triple Moon Tealight Holder With Eggshell Inlay
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Triple Moon Tealight Holder With Eggshell Inlay

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  • Approximate Size: 4.25" diameter
This eggshell inlay tealight holder, featuring a Triple Moon design, can only be described as extraordinary! Measuring 4.25" in diameter, this tealight holder is bold and beautiful. The intricate detail of the inlay, much of which is actual eggshell, makes this a remarkable tealight holder. Imagine the extra beauty created when the glow of candlelight illuminates the design.

The Triple Moon symbol is often considered to represent the three phases of the moon, waxing, waning and full. The moon and its cycles are directly correlated to the Wiccan calendar. The continuous changing of the moon is also representative of the phases of life including birth, life and death. Magic and Wicca beliefs celebrate the continuous change of all things natural in this world. The three moon symbol is also often associated with the Triple Goddess representing Mother, Maiden and Crone. This symbol is one of continuous nurturing and love.

As a hand-crafted, fair-trade product produced in Vietnam, each of these tealight holders is distinctly unique and beautiful but may not look exactly like the one pictured above. No matter what your beliefs or what you celebrate, you are certain to enjoy the beauty of this Triple Moon Eggshell Inlay Tealight Holder.

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