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Triple Morrigan Ravens Window Sticker
Triple Morrigan Ravens Window Sticker - WiccanWay.com Witchcraft Supplies
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Triple Morrigan Ravens Window Sticker
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Ravens have a close affinity with the supernatural world. They are totem birds of the dark Celtic Goddesses the Badbh and the Morrigan, who possess the ability to appear as one or three beings and to shape shift into Raven form. Appearing often throughout Celtic mythology, they feature in the Welsh stories of the Mabinogi. Ravens are birds of omen - predicting the future by studying the flight of birds. Believed to possess oracular powers, the distinctive harsh voice of the Raven prophesied the future and the outcome of battles. Celtic coins depict the Raven or Crow perched on the back of a horse, symbolizing the war-goddess Badb Catha, who could change shape from woman to death crow in battle. The Triple Raven alights on Cu Chulainn's shoulder at his death, to symbolize the passing of his spirit. As death is closely intertwined with life, the bright-eyed Raven is also blessed with clear vision, and is wise in the mysteries of rebirth and healing.

An original design by Welsh artist Jen Delyth. Finely Silkscreened - Full Color- Adhesive - Double Sided Stickers. Because they are double sided stickers, you can stick them to either the inside or outside of a CLEAR pane of glass and they can be seen on both sides equally well.

Approximate Size: 4.5'' in diameter
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Beautiful hard to find items
This store is wonderful they are very wonderful items and always super fast shipping. Blessed Be!
Reviewed by: michelle from Trenton NJ. on 8/5/2014
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