US Shipping - How can I calculate my shipping costs before I submit my order?

12/1/2003 by WiccanWay

You can easily get the shipping cost for the items in your shopping cart BEFORE you check out your order. Here are the steps to do that:
  1. Put the items you want to purchase into your shopping cart.
  2. Once you're done, if you're not already viewing the shopping cart, then click the My Cart link on the far right hand side up near the top of the page.
  3. When you're on the view cart page, scroll down just a bit till you see the input boxes. One of them says "Calculate Shipping" right above the input box.
  4. Enter your zip code (or the zip code of where you want the items in your cart to be shipped) and then click "Calculate" right after the zip code.
  5. The various shipping cost choices will be calculated for you based on the zip code you entered. You can click the small down arrow in the box to see all the choices and their respective costs.
That's it! Keep in mind that the calculation is done based ONLY on the items in your cart and the zip code. If either of those two pieces of information change, the shipping cost will change too. So be sure to do it right before you're ready to check out your order.