What Are The Different Candle Colors Used For?

9/25/2014 by WiccanWay.com

Different candle colors correspond to different meanings and intentions in your spell work. Here's a basic list of candle color correspondences that you can use to help you determine what color candle you will need for your purpose or intent:

  • White - purity, spirituality, peace
  • Black - protection
  • Red - health, energy, strength, courage, passion, sexual potency, south, fire
  • Pink - love, affection, romance, nurturing
  • Yellow - intellectualism, imagination, memory, creativity, east, air
  • Green - healing, fertility, abundance, money, prosperity, good luck, harmony, north, earth
  • Blue -inspiration, wisdom, protection, good fortune, calm, devotion, west, water
  • Purple - higher psychic ability, spiritual power, hidden knowledge, influence, idealism
  • Orange - luck with legal matters, justice, selling, success.
  • Silver - the Goddess, astral energy, clairvoyance, telepathy
  • Gold - the God, winning, happiness

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