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What Is Reiki?

Posted by Administrator on 6/14/2013 to Healing
Reiki is a therapy that originated in Japan involving the use of a universal healing energy which the practitioner channels and transmits to the patient. Transference of the Reiki energy happens when the practitioner lays his hands onto the patient with the purpose of adjusting the frequency of the patient’s aura, modifying and cleansing the body energy and promoting healing on the different levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Reiki technique is similar to the "laying on of hands" practice in most spiritual healing. However, the two differ in that the Reiki practitioner is able to pass on the healing energy within close proximity as well as send it over a distance. Serving as a conduit, the Reiki practitioner soaks up on the universal energy down to their molecular level and transfers it to the patient who must be willing in spirit to receive healing for the body. The Reiki energy is attributed with intelligence to determine if it would allow itself to be absorbed by the patient for their highest good.

To start the healing session, the Reiki practitioner rubs his hands together to activate the energy flow. Then he places his hands palms down on the patient’s body or a little above the body with a space of about one to four inches. It is important for the Reiki healer to keep his hands within the patient's aura field.

Reiki energy is guided by a Higher Force; it manages its own flow to and within the recipient, knowing which particular areas require healing and how to heal them. Reiki healing is deeply rooted on faith in the universal energy of life and health. When the patient allows himself to be healed, he receives the healing energy in areas that need them the most -- body, mind or spirit. Usually, the patient gets healed even in places where he thought he has no complaints.

Both patient and Reiki practitioner may experience cold and prickly sensations during the transfer of energy. Sometimes they do not feel anything at all. Reiki draws from the practitioner the exact amount of energy needed to heal the patient and in the process, the healer would know intuitively when, where and how to move his hands. Reiki doesn't deplete energy. Instead, it follows a spiral motion, going back to the Reiki healer after he has cleansed the patient. As a result, Reiki healers feel a certain renewal of their energy after their sessions.

Reiki is recommended to complement other forms of treatment. It is known to enhance the benefits of massage therapy. Reiki is often used to counteract the negative energy that one gets from undergoing some compulsory procedures of conventional medicine like chemotherapy, or from the side effects of HIV/AIDS cocktail therapy. It is interesting to note that there are people who use Reiki to fix anything that has energy, like cars for instance. This really sets Reiki apart from the other alternative medicine forms.

Reiki practitioners who have received Level II attunement have stronger Reiki energy and can send it to heal even from a distance. However, the more reputable Reiki healers will only do so, and can only do so, upon the patient’s permission for the treatment. The effectiveness of Reiki hinges on the complete trust that both the healer and the patient place on the treatment.

Somehow, it is a long shot to expect anyone, despite the gravity of their condition, to immediately believe in the efficacy of a treatment that relies on mere laying on of hands and transmitting energy. Then again, people who have to endure excruciating pains are more than willing to seek any recourse to obtain the slightest of relief. It is usually these types of people who, after experiencing their own healing, recommend the Reiki treatment to others and swear by it.

The concept behind Reiki may sound new and strange, especially to people from the West, but it is comforting to know that it has no known ill side effects. And if Reiki can’t hurt, there is no risk for you to try it. And when you do so, you are only opening yourself to the endless possible benefits that Reiki has to offer.