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World Tree Window Sticker
World Tree Window Sticker - Witchcraft Supplies
World Tree Window Sticker
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Also known as the "Tree of Knowledge", the "Tree of the Universe" and the "Tree of Fate", Yggdrasil is the axis, the center of the creation of the Universe. Yggdrasil is the World Tree of Norse mythology, the giant Ash tree that links and connects all the known worlds, the earth below, and the heaven above. Three roots connect the World Tree to the three wells that flow beneath. The well of Mimir whose waters are the source of all wisdom. The Well of Fate - Urdarbrunnr, guarded by the Norns. The well of Hvergelmir - Roaring Kettle, the source of many rivers that nourish life. The World Tree is a symbol common to many societies. Within Celtic tradition, the Ash, Oak and Yew trees are most sacred, and the Druids are said to have worshiped amongst the ancient Oak groves. The great forests of our world help create the oxygen we breathe. They are vital to our planet's diverse ecosystem, and are a profound symbol of the interconnection of all Life.

An original design by Welsh artist Jen Delyth. Finely Silkscreened - Full Color- Adhesive - Double Sided Stickers. Because they are double sided stickers, you can stick them to either the inside or outside of a CLEAR pane of glass and they can be seen on both sides equally well.

Approximate Size: 4.5'' in diameter
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