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Your Child and Religion

Posted by Administrator on 8/2/2013 to Wiccan/Pagan
Your Child and Religion - picture of child reading
It used to be that whatever religion your parents were raised with, that religion would be yours as well but times are changing. More parents are deciding to wait until their children are old enough to choose for themselves what religious path, if any, they choose to follow.

Some people may feel that this is not a good choice. Of course, it depends upon personal opinion and belief systems. As with any debatable issue there are valid points from both sides of the table. Parents who decide to wait and let their children choose may explain that each individual has a right to choose their own path. They may feel that it is unfair to force their children to go to church simply because they or other family members attend. Others may choose to teach their children about religion at home but prefer not to be affiliated with any particular denomination or to do so in a structured setting.

Most parents who make this decision don't do so to keep their children from knowing about religion, they simply want their child to have the right to choose his or her own beliefs. I know one couple personally who do not attend church but their young daughter does. Although the parents choose not to attend church they allow their daughter the freedom to choose her own path. The young girl chose to belong to a church. She enjoys being part of the congregation. She attends faithfully and her parents are glad that she enjoys being there. They would never take that away from her or try to influence her decision in any way.

But let's take a look at the other side of the coin. Family members and friends that religiously attend church may not approve of the decision to let children choose for themselves. They may feel that if children are not brought up with religion in their lives that by the time they are old enough to choose, they won't bother with religion at all. Although that is one possible outcome it is not necessarily every outcome.

There are very religious parents who have a child that chooses the path of an atheist. The point is that even if you bring a child up to follow your religious faith even from early childhood, there is still no guarantee that child will continue to follow that particular faith throughout his or her lifetime.

Parents will choose to raise their children in a manner they feel is best but whether there is a religious affiliation or not, children can still be raised in a loving environment of mutual respect and be taught good morals and ethics. That is really the best any parent can do. The child will grow and choose his or her own path. Point them in the right direction and give them plenty of love and care. Whatever religious path they choose can lead them to a destination of love, light, deeper understanding and a higher consciousness. Teach them to respect themselves and others and you will be teaching them universal religion.

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